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The last uniform = Saigo no seifuku by Mera Hakamada Read book in DOCX, AZW3, TXT

Author: Mera Hakamada
Publisher: Los Angeles, Calif. : Seven Seas, 2007-
ISBNISSN: 9781933164564, 1933164565
Genre: Comic books, strips, etc, Translations, Translations into English
Notes: volumes : illustrations ; 21 cm
Responsibility: The last uniform = Saigo no seifuku
Other titles: Saigo no seifuku.
Edition: Print book : English

"Each girl at the Tsubakigaoka Girls' Dorm is paired with a roommate. Tsumugi with Beniko, and Ai with Fuuko. Yet the girls each have their own crushes on each other, and it's making it impossible for them to stay 'just friends.' But can one girl really love another? A charming tale of yuri romance that deals with the perennial question 'who's going to hook up with who' with a twist."
#4, 5, 6.
Originally published in three separate volumes. "A Mark Treasure novel." An illustrated month-by-month diary of a Benedictine monk's year at Westminster Abbey in the Middle Ages describes how the monks forged their own tools, tended their gardens, and prayed within the monastery. It's finally spring in Stonely, Michigan. Gertie Johnson wants to concentrate on her budding romance withh George Erikson. Instead, the Escanaba bank is robbed while Gertie is standing in line and the robber is shot dead in a room full of witnesses. That would be the end of the story except for one important discovery. The money has disappeared right before everybody's eyes. Blaze, the local sheriff and Gertie's son, is recuperating from a near-fatal case of meningitis. No need to worry because Gertie and her crusty cohorts are hot on the trail of the turkey who stole the money. But all the clues p;oint in a direction that Gertie doesn't want to go. Cover title.
Based on the author's Wednesday series from his column in the Times. Billedbog. Den lille Rødhætte går ind i skoven igen med kager til sin far. Her møder hun nogle meget sultne skikkelser fra kendte eventyr og kommer endnu en gang i en farlig situation med ulven. Marxism and the "woman question" / Joan B. Landes --
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