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Author: Lance A Leventhal
Publisher: San Diego, Calif. : Annabooks, 1997.
ISBNISSN: 0929392477, 9780929392479
Notes: VI, 438 S
Responsibility: PCI databook
Edition: Print book : English : 2. ed

1. Straight math practice. Arithmetic -- Algebra -- Geometry -- 2. The quantitative section. Quantitative comparisons -- Word problems -- Oddball word problems -- Data interpretation -- Numeric entry -- 3. GRE resources. The 100 most important math concepts. Ernie Steury's remarkable life and ministry as a medical missionary in Tenwek, Kenya, is recounted in this compelling biography. A humble Indiana farm boy, Ernie built one of the most successful medical mission facilities in the world. Ernie's influence, however, went beyond tending to physical needs. Not content merely to heal bodies, Ernie sought to change lives as well through the ministry of the Gospel. Through the story of Ernie Steury, readers will be inspired to follow his example as dedicated servants of a loving, living God who is anxious to show the world what great things He can accomplish with an individual totally committed to Him. Mississippi mud / by DiAnn Mills --
Not on the menu / by Martha Rogers --
Gone fishing / by Janice Thompson --
Falling for you / by Kathleen Y'Barbo. The joy of Christmas radiates from this collection of contemporary inspirational novellas. Features 'Christmas Baby' by Melanie Panagiotopoulos, 'Searching for the Star' by Mary Hawkins, 'Evergreen' by Rebecca Germany, and 'The Christmas Wreath' by Veda Boyd Jones. Let the season shine in your heart with these four inspiring Christmas stories. Introduction --
Writing history / Rita Wong --
My mother / Janet Lumb --
A buck a bag for the American Dream (Tobias Wong) / Alan Woo --
The First Lady of Film: Anna May Wong / Anthony Chan --
My great-grandfather, the necromancer / Ann Marie Fleming --
Runaway writer (Evelyn Lau) / Alexis Kienlen --
The nature of David Suzuki / Jenny Uechi --
A writer's life: Speaking with Denise Chong / Eury Chang --
The mysterious life of Wah Kwan Gwan / Jackie Wong --
In conversation with Madeleine Thien / Hanako Masutani --
Travelling between worlds with Ruth Ozeki / Erika Thorkelson --
Light at a windo / Terry Watada --
Notes towards an essay about Maria Callas / C. E. Gatchalian --
Gently to Nagasaki (novel excerpt) / Joy Kogawa --
Finding my way back home / Lou Villahermosa --
It came to eat our chicken wings / Derwin Mak --
Mercury, messenger of the gods / Kim Fu --
Days of being wild / Doretta Lau --
Lao Yang / Ying Kong --
Lucky in Saigon (novel excerpt) / Yasuko Thanh --
Porcelain legs / Corinna Chong --
No sleeping on bench (novel excerpt) / SKY Lee --
Túshūguǎn / Eric Choi --
A firefly / Souvankham Thammavongsa --
Sitkum ; Jan 1/2013 ; Lightning / Fred Wah --
Someday I will / Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon --
Any other photo I ; Any other photo II / Michael Prior --
Family of thieves / Crecien Bencio --
Journey to the West ; Body burden: a moving target / Rita Wong --
January ; Visitation ; Mid-Autumn festival / Evelyn Lau --
Research update ; The good ones / Carolyn Nakagawa. "2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Ricepaper magazine, a pioneering periodical devoted to Asian-Canadian writing. Over the years, Ricepaper's focus has shifted from predominantly arts and culture reporting to the publication of original literature; as such, it has both witnessed and cultivated the maturation of an Asian-Canadian literary tradition; indeed, many of today's most acclaimed Asian-Canadian writers were first published in the pages of Ricepaper. This celebratory anthology features exclusive interviews with such esteemed writers and artists as Adrienne Clarkson, David Suzuki, Tobias Wong, Ruth Ozeki, Evelyn Lau, Denise Chong, and Madeleine Thien. As well, exciting voices in Canadian literature are represented by Kim Fu, Doretta Lau, Corinna Chong, Terry Watada, Derwin Mak, Eric Choi, and C.E. Gatchalian. And finally, three award-winning authors have given permission for excerpts of their works-in-progress to be included: Joy Kogawa (Gently to Nagasaki, a new memoir about Japanese atrocities during World War II), Yasuko Thanh (novel excerpt from Lucky in Saigon), and SKY Lee (novel excerpt from Progress in Process). AlliterAsian is an intriguing and multi-faceted record of Asian-Canadian writing that pays homage to the legacy of Ricepaper and its contribution to the evolving and increasingly diverse landscape of Canadian literature."-- Title on three maps: Appalachian Trail, map 3, Eastern Divide Ranger District, Jefferson National Forest -- Appalachian Trail, map 4, Glenwood Ranger District, Jefferson National Forest -- Appalachian Trail, map 5, Glenwood/Pedlar Ranger District, George Washington National Forest.
Includes index. Previous edition: 2013. First published in 1994 by Harvester Wheatsheaf. Cover; Half Title; Dedication; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction Feminist criticism: the 1960s to the 1990s; 1 Second wave: de Beauvoir, Millett, Friedan, Greer; Simone de Beauvoir; Betty Friedan; Germaine Greer; Kate Millett; Summary; 2 Myth criticism; Motherhood; Native American; Bettina L. Knapp; Mary Daly; Annis Pratt; Summary; 3 Marxist/socialist-feminist criticism; Tillie Olsen; Juliet Mitchell; Lillian Robinson; Michèle Barrett; Birmingham Centre; Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective (MFLC); Mary Poovey; Summary 4 French feminist criticismLanguage; Subjectivity; Writing the body; Écriture Féminine; Monique Wittig; Julia Kristeva; Luce Irigaray; Hélène Cixous; Summary; 5 Psychoanalytic criticism; Freud and Lacan; Ellen Moers and Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar; Juliet Mitchell; Carolyn Heilbrun; Gayatri Spivak; Summary; 6 Poststructuralisml/deconstruction/postmodernism; Introduction; Poststructuralism; Hortense Spillers; Summary: Poststructuralism; Deconstruction; Gayatri Spivak; Postmodernism; Alice Jardine; Meaghan Morris; Rachel Blau DuPlessis; Summary; 7 Black feminisms: the African diaspora IntroductionAfra-American feminist criticism; Barbara Smith; Audre Lorde; Alice Walker; Barbara Christian; Summary: Afra-American; African feminist criticism; Molara Ogundipe-Leslie; Carole Boyce Davies and Anne Adams Graves; Lauretta Ngcobo; Caribbean feminist criticism; Summary; 8 Lesbian feminist criticism; Essentialism and construction; Modernism; Bonnie Zimmerman; Queer theory and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick; Jane Rule; Catharine Stimpson; Mary Daly; Adrienne Rich; Problematising of heterosexuality; Summary; 9 Third World feminist criticism: third wave and fifth gear; Areas; Techniques Chandra Talpade Mohanty and colonial discourseRosario Castellanos; Gloria Anzaldúa; Rey Chow; Summary; 10 Feminist futures; Index This introduction to feminist literary criticism in its international contexts discusses a broad range of complex critical writings and then identifies and explains the main developments and debates within each approach. Each chapter has an easy-to-use format, comprising an introductory overview, an explanation of key themes and techniques, a detailed account of the work of specific critics, and a summary which includes critiques of the approach. Each chapter is accompanied by a guide to the primary texts and further reading.