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Author: John Halal
Publisher: Clifton Park, NY : Delmar Learning, 2002.
ISBNISSN: 1562539191, 9781562539191
Genre: Dictionaries
Notes: pages cm
Responsibility: Milady's hair care product ingredients dictionary
Other titles: Hair care product ingredients dictionary

Preface. Section 1: Product Regulation and Ingredient Labels. Section 2: Product Ingredients. Section 3: Alphabetical Listing of Hair Care Product Ingredients. Section 4: Resources.

I. The First Taste Chapter One: Where's the Water? Chapter Two: The Font of Civilisation Chapter Three: Civilisation Bloomed from Water Chapter Four: Egypt Chapter Five: Athens and Rome Chapter Six: God, Paradise and Gardens II. The Growing Thirst Chapter Seven: God's Dry Land Chapter Eight: Fountains of Rome Chapter Nine: Taming the Rhine Chapter Ten: Health Chapter Eleven: Coal and Cotton Chapter Twelve: Dams and Politics Chapter Thirteen: America III. Peak Water Chapter Fourteen: Collapse Chapter Fifteen: Luxury Chapter Sixteen: Cities Chapter Seventeen: Irrigation Chapter Eighteen: Farming Chapter Nineteen: Trade Chapter Twenty: War Chapter Twenty-One: Dubai "Long after Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier, after Texas Western beat Kentucky to shake up the basketball world, America's black quarterbacks found themselves trapped on football's sidelines unable to play the game they loved unless they moved to wide receiver -- or to Canada. A collection of voices young and old, William C. Rhoden's Third and a Mile chronicles for the first time the heroic struggle to topple the sports world's staunchest racial barrier."--Publisher description. "IEEE catalog #: 90CH2906-6." Section 1 - Resource, environment and development (R G H Turnbull). Summary (R G H Turnbull). Resource (F G Larminie). Environment (A D McIntyre and R G H Turnbull). Development (B G S Taylor and R G H Turnbull). Section 2 - Economic and social impacts (H M Begg). Summary (H M Begg). Development of UK policy towards oil and gas impacts on the UK economy (A G Kemp). The impact of oil on the Scottish economy with particular reference to the Aberdeen economy (M G Lloyd and D A Newlands). Impact of large installations: oil platform fabrication yards in the highlands and islands (S H Picket). Oil and remote communities: Shetland and Orkney (G A Blackadder and J Baster). Some international comparisons (G A Mackay). Section 3 - Environmental impact - onshore (S G Fulton). Summary (S G Fulton). The central and local government responses to North Sea oil and gas developments in Scotland (R G H Turnbull and T F Sprott). Safeguarding the environmental interest (J M Francis, R Goodier and M P Ferguson). The Scottish approach to the environmental assessment (R G H Turnbull). Mitigation by design (W J Cairns). The response to industry: the Shetland oil terminal environmental advisory group (L V Kingham). Section 4 - Environmental impact - offshore (C S Johnston and J C Side). Summary (J C Side and C S Johnston). Environmental assessments. International initiatives and statutory controls on the prevention of pollution from offshore operations (A D Read and L O Reiersen). Sources of environmental disturbance associated with offshore oil and gas developments (J M Davies and P F Kingston). Oil spills - effects and response (B M Dicks and I C White). The impact on the fishing industry (F Buchan and R Allan). Submarine pipelines and the North Sea environment (D Haldane, R L Reuben and J C Side). Decommissioning and abandonment of offshore installations (J C Side). Section 5 - Hazard and risk (C G Ramsay). Summary (C G Ramsay). Hazard and risk (C G Ramsay and S Grant). Mossmorran case study (P E Day). The management of acute risks - oil spill contingency planning and response (D C Monk and D Cormack). Managing chronic environmental risks (H J Somerville and D Shirley). Moving the chains --
Voices --
Jefferson Street Joe --
"Eyes are on you" --
Pioneers --
1968 --
Shack --
Wanted man --
The promised land --
Scars --
Forward progress --
Epilogue --
Appendix : Honor roll. [V.1] Conference proceedings --
[v.2] Conference digest.