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Author: Henry Stedman
Publisher: Hindhead : Trailblazer, 2009, ©2008.
ISBNISSN: 9781905864140, 1905864140
Genre: Guidebooks
Notes: 206 pages : color illustrations, maps ; 18 cm
Responsibility: Hadrian's Wall Path : Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway
Edition: Print book : English : Updated 2nd ed
2nd ed.: 2008.
Formerly CIP.

Classical Marxist historiography of science : the Hessen-Grossmann-thesis / Gideon Freudenthal and Peter McLaughlin --
The social and economic roots of Newton's Principia / Boris Hessen --
The social foundations of the mechanistic philosophy and manufacture / Henryk Grossmann --
Descartes and the social origins of the mechanistic concept of the world / Henryk Grossmann --
Additional texts on mechanism / Henryk Grossmann --
Henryk Grossman : a biographical sketch / Rick Kuhn --
Boris Hessen : in lieu of a biography / Gideon Freudenthal and Peter McLaughlin. PC Magazine Windows XP Digital Media Solutions Credits Preface Acknowledgments Contents at a Glance Contents Part I: Music to Your Ears Part II: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words. "Marcel Duchamp was the playful magus of modern art, the inveterate gamester who turned old truths inside out and made us rethink what art was, or could be. We all knew that one of the fulcrums of his thinking was the game of chess. Now, for the first time, we have a book that shows just how deeply chess shaped and defined Duchamp's own thinking, as well as his art. Lively, surprising and very readable, this is a brilliant example of art scholarship at its highest and most original (i.e. Duchampian) level"--Calvin Tomkins. "Contains material originally published in magazine form as Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1-4." Introduction in Ontologies. UMLS. Gene Ontology. Ontological Similarity Measures. Clustering Objects Described by Ontology Terms. Protein Classification Using Ontology. Go-based Gene Function Prediction Using High-Throughput Data. Mapping Genes to Gene Networks Using Ontological Fuzzy Rule Systems. Extracting Biological Knowledge by Fuzzy Association Rule Mining. Data Summarization Using Ontologies. Data Mining through Ontology Learning. Integrating Databases for Data Mining Using UMLS. Ontology Application in Text Mining. Índice. I. The Nature of Cognitive-Behavior Modification: Application to Behavioral Medicine1. A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective of the Therapy Process2. Behavioral Medicine: A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective3. Behavioral Medicine: Cognitive-Behavioral Applications in Health Promotion, Disease, and IllnessII. Pain: A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective4. Pain: Its Impact5. Psychological Variables and Pain6. Chronic Pain: Psychologically Oriented Approaches to Treatment7. Current Psychological Treatments for Pain: A Cognitive-Behavioral PerspectiveIII. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Pain8. Patient Resistence, Treatment Adherence, and Therapist Styles9. Initial Phase of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment: Part I10. Initial Phase of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment: Part II11. Skills-Acquisition and Consolidation Phase: Part I12. Skills-Acquisition and Consolidation Phase: Part II13. Application and Follow-Through PhaseIV. Future Directions14. Afterthoughts and ImplicationsAppendix A. Instructions for Behavioral TrialsAppendix B. Information to Referral SourcesAppendix C. Patient Pain QuestionnaireAppendix D. Significant Others Pain QuestionnaireAppendix E. Voluntary Control of Appraisal Anarchism: what it really stands for --
Minorities versus majorities --
The psychology of political violence --
Prisons: a social crime and failure --
Patriotism: a menace to liberty --
Francisco Ferrer and the modern school --
The hypocrisy of Puritanism --
The traffic in women --
Woman suffrage --
The tragedy of woman's emancipation --
Marriage and love --
The drama: a powerful disseminator of radical thought. Reprint of earlier edition; biographical sketch credited: Hippolyte Havel. New York, December, 1910. Reprint of the 1909 ed. published by Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia. Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess / Francis M. Naumann --
Passionate Pastimes: Duchamp, Chess, and the Large Glass / Bradley Bailey --
Game Analysis / Jennifer Shahade. "May 2009." "In this Council Special Report, Scott G. Borgerson explores an important element of the maritime policy regime: the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. He examines the international negotiations that led to the convention, as well as the history of debates in the United States over whether to join it. He then analyzes the strategic importance of the oceans for U.S. foreign policy today. The report ultimately makes a strong case for the United States to accede to the Convention on the Law of the Sea, contending that doing so would benefit U.S. national security as well as America's economic and environmental interests. Among other things, the report argues, accession to the convention would secure rights for U.S. commercial and naval ships, boost the competitiveness of American firms in activities at sea, and increase U.S. influence in important policy decisions, such as adjudications of national claims to potentially resource-rich sections of the continental shelf"--Foreword, vii. "Taped live. U.S. Journal Training Conference, Atlanta - November 1987."
Based on the book. "Published on the occasion of the exhibitions: Marcel Duchamp: Chess Master, Saint Louis University Museum of Art, St. Louis, May 6-August 16, 2009; Marcel Duchamp: Chess Master, Francis M. Naumann Fine Art, September 10-October 30, 2009"--Title page verso. Introduction --
Background and context --
Oceans and national interest --
Strategic imperatives --
Conclusions and recommendations.