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Read book In the cage. by Henry James in FB2, PRC, AZW, PDF

Author: Henry James
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] : Hesperus Press 2003. ;
ISBNISSN: 184391025X, 9781843910251
Responsibility: In the cage.
Edition: Print book : English
Foreword. Endorsements. About the Authors. About This Handbook. 1. Understanding Eating Disorders. 1.1. Hidden Meanings of an Eating Disorder. 1.2. Motivations for an Eating Disorder. 1.3. Eating Disorder Assessment and Evaluation Forms. 2. Eating Disorder Comorbidities. 2.1. Eating Disorders and Obsessive Behaviours. 2.2. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 2.3. Ritualistic Behaviours. 2.4. Discussing Depression. 3. Identity and Eating Disorders. 3.1. Personal Identity. 3.2. Who Am I?. 3.3. Understanding Your Personality. 3.4. Feeling Worthy. 3.5. Accepting Yourself. 3.6 Assertiveness. 3.7. The Inner Child. 3.8. Challenging Body Image Distortion. 3.9. Enhancing a Positive Body Image. 4. Cognitions (Thoughts) and Eating Disorders. 4.1. Unhelpful Thinking Styles. 4.2. From Black and White Thinking to Living in Colour. 4.3. Twenty Questions to Challenge Negative Thoughts. 4.4. Positive Self-Talk. 4.5. Challenging My Eating Disorder Belief System. 5. Social Aspects of Eating Disorders. 5.1. Eating Disorders and Relationships. 5.2. Plot Your Close Relationships. 5.3. Family Roles. 5.4. Eating Disorders in the Workplace. 5.5. Positive Communication. 6. Eating Disorder Recovery - Are You Ready?. 6.1. What Might Recovery Involve?. 6.2. Readiness to Change. 6.3. The Wheel of Life. 7. Eating Disorder Treatment. 7.1. An Introduction to Counselling. 7.2. An Introduction to Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT). 7.3. An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). 7.4. Mirror Therapy. 7.5. Art Therapy. 7.6. Animal Therapy. 7.7. Writing for Recovery. 7.8. Helpful and Unhelpful Aspects of Eating Disorder Treatment. 8. Self-Help Tools. 8.1. Mood Boards and Photo Therapy. 8.2. Problem-Solving. 8.3. Worry Time Diary. 8.4. Managing Anxiety. 8.5. Mindfulness. 8.6. Relaxation Training. 8.7. Meaningful Music. 8.8. Offering Yourself the Core Conditions. 8.9. External Validation and Self-Soothing. 8.10. Self-Help Materials. 9. Practical Advice. 9.1. The Power of Being Pragmatic. 9.2. Restarting Normal Eating. 9.3. Regular, Healthy Eating - Practical Advice. 9.4. Dietary Help for Food Addictions and Comfort Binge Eating. 9.5. Recognising Hunger. 9.6. Mindful Eating. 9.7. Exercise Balance. 9.8. Coming off Laxatives. 10. Maintaining Recovery. 10.1. Self-Sabotage. 10.2. Damage Limitation. 10.3. Relapse Prevention. 10.4. Aiding Recovery. 10.5. Inspirational Mentors. 11. Looking to the Future - Beyond Eating Disorders. 11.1. Motivation and Future Goals. 11.2. Hopes and Dreams. 11.3. New Ambitions. 11.4. Recovery Checklist. Appendices. Appendix A. Appendix B. Appendix C. Appendix D. Appendix E. Appendix F. Translation of: Templum Dei mysticum.
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