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Read book Essentially feminine knits : 25 must-have chic designs by Lene Holme Sams

Author: Lene Holme Samsøe
Publisher: Loveland, CO : Interweave Press, ©2012.
ISBNISSN: 9781596687844, 1596687843
Genre: Patterns
Notes: 151 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Responsibility: Essentially feminine knits : 25 must-have chic designs
Other titles: Mere feminin strik.
Edition: Print book : English

* Includes garter stitch patterns, leaf patterns, structural patterns, cable patterns and lace patterns* Distinctively modern and essentially feminine

Originally published: as Weekend crochet for babies. 2008.
Includes index. Physical Abuse and Neglect is a self-administered training curriculum intended for physicians, nurses, social service workers, and law enforcement personnel who wish to continue their education in the various elements of child physical abuse and maltreatment. This personal training curriculum and self-assessment is ideal for self-directed study between shifts or after hours - whenever and wherever your schedule allows Introduction & acknowledgements --
Religion softens the edges --
"Who are you today, Agnes?" --
"There goes the straightest back I've ever seen" --
Orson and the Mercury Theatre --
Fanny --
"The first lady of suspense" --
Hollywood's leading character actress --
"The highlight of my career" --
"The fabulous redhead" (1952-1956) --
Rivalry, Tempest & Ginger (1957-1960) --
Debbie, Columbo & Pengo (1960-1962) --
The witch of Endor (1963-1964) --
A star is born (1965-1967) --
The lioness in winter (1968-1971) --
Curtain (1972-1974) --
Afterword --
Sources & notes --
Appendix. The films of Agnes Moorehead --
Selected television appearances of Agnes Moorehead --
Radio appearances of Agnes Moorehead --
Epilogue --
Lecture. This ed. originally published: 1999. ch. 1. Is juvenile crime a serious problem? The severity of juvenile crime is increasing / Wendy Murphy --
The problem of juvenile crime is exaggerated by the media / Randall G. Shelden --
Adolescent girls are becomming more violent / Colleen O'Connor --
There is no evidence showing a rise in violence among adolescent girls / Margaret A. Zahn et al. --
Youth gangs are a serious problem / James C. Howell et al. --
The problem of youth gangs is exaggerated / Judith Greene and Kevin Pranis. ch. 2. What are the causes of juvenile crime and violence? Media violence can lead to juvenile violence / Carmela Lomonaco, Tia Kim, and Lori Ottaviano --
There is no evidence suggesting media violence leads to juvenile violence / Lancet --
From victim to aggressor: the cycle of youth violence / Dwain C. Fehon --
Juvenile crime is more likely in single-parent families / Curt Alfrey --
Bullying contributes to school shootings / Izzy Kalman --
Blaming school shootings on bullying can cause more harm than good / Kay S. Hymowitz. ch. 3. How should the criminal justice system treat juvenile offenders? The criminal justice system should treat some juveniles as adults / James C. Backstrom --
Placing juveniles in the adult criminal justice system is counterproductive / Campaign for Youth Justice --
A juvenile justice system that favors incarceration increases crime / Dick Mendel --
Efforts to reduce juvenile incarceration have led to positive outcomes / National Juvenile Justice Network --
It should be possible to sentence juveniles to life without parole / Charles D. Stimson and Andrew M. Grossman --
Juveniles should not be sentenced to life without parole / Linda L. White --
The juvenile justice system should address racial inequalities / Jeff Armour and Sarah Hammond. ch. 4. What policies will best reduce juvenile crime? Tough juvenile justice policies reduce crime by holding juveniles accountable / James C. Backstrom --
Alternatives to the punishment-oriented juvenile justice model are necessary / Liane Gay Rozzell --
Civil injunctions are an effective way to fight gang crime / Whitney Tymas --
Civil injunctions are the wrong way to fight gang crime / Tracy Velázquez --
Strict but reasonable discipline policies are necessary to make schools safe / Ken Trump --
Zero-tolerance policies in schools hurt at-risk youth / David R. Dupper --
Arming teachers is necessary to reduce school violence / Ted Nugent --
Arming teachers will not reduce school violence / Allen Rostron and Brian Siebel. A valuable reference guide to South Carolina during the Civil War that includes a detailed Confederate States chronology Includes index. "A Kodansha Comics trade paperback original."
Reads from right to left.
First published in Japan in 2017 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo. Lovers of old-time radio hold a special place in their heart for Agnes Moorehead. She was one of the busiest and most definitive actresses of that medium. The bottom line is that Agnes Moorehead is one of the few actresses who succeeded in every realm of show business: stage, radio, film, and television. The respect of her peers can be summed up in these statistics: four Academy Award nominations, seven Emmy nominations - with one win - two Golden Globe nominations - with two wins - and the Best Actress award from the New York Film Critics. This impressive, 400+ page biography, complete with filmography and radiography, proves to readers and scholars alike that she was much more than the witch of Endor! This is the 2nd edition of the bestselling book, with new material and cover! - Publisher. Discussions center around juvenile crime, with essays for and against each topic. Includes questions for discussion.