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Italian jewry in the Renaissance Era Read online book DOCX, PDF, IBOOKS, DOC

Author: Israel Zinberg
Publisher: Cleveland : Press of Case Western Reserve University, 1974.
ISBNISSN: 0870682407, 9780870682407
Notes: XV ; 214 p. ; 26 cm
Responsibility: Italian jewry in the Renaissance Era
Edition: Print book : English

Foreword by Bill Dana --
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Larry Storch. Contains interviews of old-time television performers. Interviews were conducted throughout 1979 to 2008. Contiene: v. 1. Includes index.
Translation of: I want to make movies. Trabajo en equipo --
La magia del cine --
Muchos tipos de películas --
Escribir la historia --
La filmación --
Diseño de vestuario y del set --
Creando el personaje --
Aminación en el cine --
Eventos y premios --
Aprendiendo a hacer cine. Describes what it is like to be in the movie industry, discussing film genres, screenwriters, cinematographers, designers, actors, animation, and film awards. Designed as a book to be read during Lent, the letters from the tempters begin on Shrove Tuesday and follow day by day, taking the reader on an entertaining, enlightening and sobering journey toward Easter Day. Based on the radio series "Adventures in Odyssey." Dylan has to parrot-sit to pay for mowing down Mrs. Harcourt's rose garden, and when the bird escapes he must learn to take responsibility for his own actions. Includes index. Getting started. Essential equipment ; Yarns ; Holding needles and yard ; Making a slip knot ; Casting on--
thumb method ; Continental method ; two-needle method ; Knit stitch ; Purl stitch ; Rib stitch ; Variations of rib stitch ; Shaping knitting ; Binding (casting) off--
basic method ; Seam method ; Knitting in the round ; Cable knitting ; Other useful techniques ; Finishing ; Gauge (tension) ; Fixing mistakes ; Reading patterns --
Clothes. Stripy sweater ; Ribbon-trimmed shrug ; V-neck sweater ; Swing cardigan ; Ribbed cardigan with pockets ; Chunky roll-neck sweater ; Cable v-neck top ; Smock top ; Sweater with shoulder buttons ; Hooded cardigan ; Coat --
Accessories. Scarf with pockets ; Hooded scarf ; Ribbed hat ; Ballet bag ; Rainbow mittens ; Hat with ear flaps ; Teddy to treasure ; Lace beret ; Simple socks ; Animal slippers --
Caring for woollens. Poems written in response to the murder of homeless activist Buddy Gray. Volume I. Batchelor, 1892 1. Introduction 2.J. Batchelor (1892), The Ainu of Japan. London: Religious Tract Society Volume II. Batchelor Articles 1. J. Batchelor (1888-89), 'Specimens of Ainu Folklore', I-VII. Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan 16, pp. 111-150 2. J. Batchelor (1889-90), 'Specimens of Ainu Folklore', VIII-IX. Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan 18, pp. 25-86 3. J. Batchelor (1892-93). 'Specimens of Ainu Folklore', X-XII. Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan 20, pp. 216-227 4. J. Batchelor (1894). 'Items of Ainu Folklore'. Journal of American Folklore 7, pp. 15-44 5. J. Batchelor (1896). 'Ainu Words as Illustrative of Customs and Matters Pathological, Psychological and Religious', 'A Lecture on the Ainu'. Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan 24, pp. 41-111. ('A Lecture on the Ainu' was originally published in: Japan Weekly Mail 22 (1894), pp. 21-24) 6. J. Batchelor (1908). 'Ainus'. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics. New York: J. Hastings, pp. 239-252 7. J. Batchelor (1932). 'An Ainu Bear Festival'. Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan Ser. 2, 9, pp. 37-44. Volume III. Batchelor, 1901 1. J. Batchelor (1901). The Ainu and their Folk-lore. London: The Religious Tract Society. Volume IV. 1870-1920 1. F. Hilgendorf (1876), 'Barenfesten auf Yezo'. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Volkerkunde Ostasiens Band 1 (1873-1876), p. 6 2. B. Scheube (1880), 'Der Barenkultus und die Barenfeste der Ainos mit einigen Bemerkungen uber die Tanze derselben'. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Volkerkunde Ostasien, December, 22stes Heft, pp. 44-51 3. D. Penhallow (1884/85), 'Traditions of the Ainos of Northern Japan'. Canadian Record of Science 1, pp. 228-36 4. D. Penhallow (1886/87), 'The Rearing of Bears and the Worship of Yoshitsune by the Ainos of Japan'. Canadian Record of Science 2, pp. 481-88 5.B. H. Chamberlain (1887a), 'An Aino Bear Hunt'. Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Japan 15, pp. 126-29 6. B. H. Chamberlain (1887b), 'The Birds' Party' and 'The Hunter in Fairyland' in: Aino Fairy Tales, Tokyo: Kobunsha 7. B. H. Chamberlain (1888), 'Ainu Folk-Tales'. The Folk-Lore Society Publication 22, pp. v-viii, 1-57 8. J. O'Neil (1888), 'Ainu Hymns'. The Academy 33, no. 862, pp. 305-306 9. D. Brauns (1889), 'Die Religion, Sagen und Marchen der Aino'. Zeitschrift fur Volkskunde 6, pp. 217-224, 249-259 10. Basel Mission, no. 39 (1895), 'Volks- und Familienleben', 'Die Religion der Ainu' and 'Die Mission der Ainu', pp. 160-169, 206-210 11. A.G. Morice (1902), 'Carriers and Ainos at Home'. American Antiquarian and Ori "A Henry Rios mystery."--Cover. "The fourth novel in Michael Nava's award-winning series takes Henry Rios back to his roots when he defends a Latino teenager accused of murder State senator and mayoral hopeful Gus Peña has been gunned down in the parking lot of a restaurant in East Los Angeles. When Chicano teen and ex-gang member Michael Ruiz is arrested for the murder, Henry Rios takes the case. It's a tough road: As Rios endures a painful break-up with his HIV-positive partner, Josh, Ruiz refuses to help Rios in his defense. But Rios finds inconsistencies in the kid's story, and is sure Ruiz is covering for the real killer. Peña had a lot of enemies. As Rios tries to build the case for a different killer, he descends into the dark underbelly of Los Angeles -- a hotbed of vice and corruption. Caught between his powerful connection to both suspect and victim, Rios races to prevent a terrible failure of justice. The Hidden Law is the fourth book in the Henry Rios mystery series."--Provided by publisher. "Three simple meditations that can be practised by anyone. Guided by an experienced mediator, they are designed to increase our love and compassion for others. Includes a 16-page explanatory booklet"--Cover.
"Simple meditations for everyday life, derived from the Buddhist tradition"--Cover. Cherishing others (9 min.) --
Taking away suffering (12 min.) --
Giving happiness (12 min.).