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Author: Steve Harrison
Publisher: Carnforth : Letts and Lonsdale, ©2009.
ISBNISSN: 9781906415655, 190641565X
Genre: Examinations
Notes: 88 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm.
Responsibility: GCSE French. Workbook
Other titles: French.
Edition: Print book : English
I. Introduction and profile of the uninsured --
II. The issues and perceived benefits --
III. How it would work --
IV. Potential costs --
V. Other criticism --
VI. Recent proposals --
VII. History and effectiveness of mandates --
VIII. Massachusetts --
IX. International perspective --
X. Concluding thoughts --
XI. Endnotes. For 6 sangstemmer eller for 6-stemmigt blandet kor (SATBBB) a cappella
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På titelbladet: K' the colour of song
Ed.nr.: 08751835 "April 2009." Paradigms of agriculture --
Chemistry --
Physics --
Biology --
Energy: the basis of life --
Plant function --
Concepts in microbiology --
Microbiology in the field --
Clay chemistry --
Carey Reams' testing and evaluation methods --
The terminology of Carey Reams explained --
Weeds: caretakers of the soil- what they tell us --
Fertility programming --
Nutrients and their basic functions --
Cultural management --
Foliar spray programming --
Management: making it happen --
Turf, landscape and ornamental plant care --
Basics, or first principles --
Common-sense principles --
Philip Callahan, Ph.D --
Paramagnetism: key to getting the life force into the soil --
Electronic scanner testing Indhold: Andromeda --
Angel --
By the time --
Don't know why --
Hide and seek --
Home --
I'm yours --
It's a new world --
Lazybones ; Lazy river --
Swimming over London : for sangstemme og 6-stemmigt blandet kor (SATBBB) a cappella Extraordinary feats by amazing people. "A textbook covering fully the theory and practice of winemaking, and a guide to the production of superior wines of popular types."
Includes index. Originally published: New York : Scribner, 2003. Filmogr. In a world where the superheroes have the best gifts, but are real jerks, Keepsie Branson has the power to prevent anything in her possession from being stolen ... not enough to make a difference, or so she thinks. Written from a child's point of view, asking God for help with behavior problems. Includes index. Part 1. Introduction to data science: The data science process --
Loading data into R --
Exploring data --
Managing data --
Part 2. Modelling methods: Choosing and evaluating models --
Memorization methods --
Linear and logistic regression --
Unsupervised methods --
Exploring advanced methods --
Part 3. Delivering results: Documentation and deployment --
Producing effective presentations Practical Data Science with R lives up to its name. It explains basic principles without the theoretical mumbo-jumbo and jumps right to the real use cases you'll face as you collect, curate, and analyze the data crucial to the success of your business. You'll apply the R programming language and statistical analysis techniques to carefully explained examples based in marketing, business intelligence, and decision support. Business analysts and developers are increasingly collecting, curating, analyzing, and reporting on crucial business data. The R language and its associated tools provide a straightforward way to tackle day-to-day data science tasks without a lot of academic theory or advanced mathematics. Practical Data Science with R shows you how to apply the R programming language and useful statistical techniques to everyday business situations. Using examples from marketing, business intelligence, and decision support, it shows you how to design experiments (such as A/B tests), build predictive models, and present results to audiences of all levels. This book is accessible to readers without a background in data science. Some familiarity with basic statistics, R, or another scripting language is assumed. What's inside: Data science for the business professional; Statistical analysis using the R language; Project lifecycle, from planning to delivery; Numerous instantly familiar use cases; Keys to effective data presentations--Publisher website In the deadly world of modern warfare, the art of combat is taken to its awesome limits. Only one fighting unit has the skill and ruthlessness to handle all this killing power, making every corner of the globe its field of fire, using with chilling efficiency every method of infiltration, demolition, deception and destruction this side of the men they call the SEALs. The supersonic SR-71 is a state of the art profile of American military engineering. So when a top secret spy flight comes to a crashing end in the African jungle, someone has to make sure there aren't any pieces for the Reds to pick up. Someone able to get in where no Westerner has ever gone. Do the job and maybe with luck even get back out alive. Title from container.
Compact discs.
Duration: 5:09:00.
In container (17 cm.). Introduction and overview / Michael B. Gerrard --
The international regime / Kyle W. Danish --
U.S. policy / John C. Dernbach --
The impact of the Kyoto Protocol on U.S. business / Donald M. Goldberg and Angela Delfino --
Clean air regulation / Jonathan S. Martel and Kerri L. Stelcen --
Civil remedies / Bradford C. Mank --
Consideration of climate change in facility permitting / Laura H. Kosloff and Mark C. Trexler --
International trade and development / Alan S. Miller --
Regional initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions / Eleanor Stein --
State initiatives / David Hodas --
The state response to climate change : 50-state survey / Pace Law School Center for Environmental Legal Studies --
Local initiatives / J. Kevin Healy --
Disclosure issues / Jeffrey A. Smith and Matthew Morreale --
The fiduciary duties of officers and directors / Jeffrey A. Smith and Matthew Morreale --
Insurance and climate change / Gary S. Guzy --
Subsidies, tax policy, and technological innovation / Roberta Mann --
Voluntary climate change efforts / Tom Kerr --
Emissions trading-practical aspects / Dennis Hirsch, Andrew Bergman, and Michael Heintz --
Carbon sequestration / David J. Hayes and Joel C. Beauvais. Who would have thought that Marcel Proust, one of the most important writers of our century, could provide us with such a rich source of insight into how best to live life? Proust understood that the essence and value of life was the sum of its everyday parts. As relevant today as they were at the turn of the century, Proust's life and work are transformed here into a no-nonsense guide to, among other things, enjoying your vacation, reviving a relationship, achieving original and unclichéd articulation, being a good host, recognizing love, and understanding why you should never sleep with someone on a first date. It took de Botton to find the inspirational in Proust's essays, letters and fiction and, perhaps even more surprising, to draw out a vivid and clarifying portrait of the master from between the liness of his work.