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Download book The World Book student discovery encyclopedia : v.13--Atlas/Index by DJV, AZW, DJVU

Publisher: Chicago, IL World Book, Inc. ©2000, 2002.
ISBNISSN: 0716674033, 9780716674030
Notes: 160 pages illustrations (some color) 29 x 23 cm
Responsibility: The World Book student discovery encyclopedia : v.13--Atlas/Index
AcknowledgmentsPreface WebsiteAbout the AuthorsAbout the Technical EditorChapter 1. Overview Publisher SummaryChapter points:IntroductionSummaryReferencesChapter 2. Device features and functions Publisher SummaryChapter points:IntroductionSummaryReferencesChapter 3. File system and data storage Publisher SummaryInformation in this chapter:IntroductionSummaryReferencesChapter 4. iPhone and iPad data security Publisher SummaryChapter points:IntroductionSummaryReferencesChapter 5. Acquisitions Publisher SummaryInformation in this chapter:IntroductionSummaryReferencesChapter 6. Data and application analysis Publisher SummaryChapter points:IntroductionSummaryReferencesChapter 7. Commercial tool testing Publisher SummaryChapter points:IntroductionSummaryReferenceAppendix A. iTunes backup locationAppendix B. Tools to analyze common file and data typesAppendix C. iPhone file systemIndex ON ORDER 3 COPIES 18/06/12 PP. Udstillingskatalog
Udstilling. Courtauld Institute Galleries, London, 9.9.-28.10 .1992 Els mapes presenten diverses escales. Introduction.; Comparison of Short-Range Communications Systems.; Automatic Identification Systems.; RFID Standards Development.; Components of an RFID System.; RFID Applications.; RFID Considerations.; Socio-Cultural Implications.; Glossary of Terms.; Bibliography. Introduction Edward I. Altman; Andrea Resti, Andrea Sironi NYU Salomon Center and NYU Stern School of Business; Bocconi University PART I: DEFINING AND MEASURING RECOVERY RISK 1 What Do We Know About Loss Given Default? Til Schuermann Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Wharton Financial Institutions Center 2 Defining LGD: The Basel II Perspective Andrea Resti, Andrea Sironi Bocconi University 3 Loss Given Default: A Review of the Literature Edward I. Altman; Andrea Resti, Andrea Sironi NYU Salomon Center and NYU Stern School of Business; Bocconi University 4 Estimating Recovery Risk by Means of a Quantitative Model: LossCalc Greg M. Gupton Moody's KMV 5 Recovery Ratings: A Fundamental Approach to Estimating Recovery Risk William H. Chew, Steven S. Kerr Standard and Poor's PART II: MEASURING LGD ON SPECIFIC PORTFOLIOS 6 How to Measure Recoveries and Provisions on Bank Lending: Methodology and Empirical Evidence Jean Dermine; Cristina Neto de Carvalho INSEAD; Universidade Catolica Portuguesa 7 Recovery Rates in the Banking Industry: Stylised Facts Emerging from the Italian Experience Pierpaolo Grippa, Simonetta Iannotti; Fabrizio Leandri Bank of Italy; Monte dei Paschi di Siena 8 Estimating LGD in the Leasing Industry: Empirical Evidence from a Multivariate Model Giacomo De Laurentis; Marco Riani Bocconi University; Universita degli Studi di Parma 9 Recovery Rates from Distressed Management Buy-Outs David Citron; Mike Wright Cass Business School; Nottingham University Business School PART III: THE PD/LGD CORRELATION 10 The Effects of Systematic Credit Risk: a False Sense of Security Jon Frye Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 11 LGD in a Structural Model of Default Samu Peura; Esa Jokivuolle Sampo plc; Bank of Finland 12 The PD/LGD Link: Empirical Evidence from the Bond Market Edward I. Altman; Brooks Brady; Andrea Resti, Andrea Sironi NYU Salomon Center and NYU Stern School of Business; Standard and Poor's; Bocconi University 13 Systematic Risk in Recovery Rates of US Corporate Credit Exposures Klaus Dullmann; Monika Trapp Duetsche Bundesbank; University of Mannheim 14 The PD/LGD Link: Implications for Credit Risk Modelling Edward I. Altman; Andrea Resti, Andrea Sironi NYU Salomon Center and NYU Stern School of Business; Bocconi University 15 Credit Risk Assessment and Stochastic LGD: An Investigation of Correlation Effects Ali Chabaane; Jean-Paul Laurent; Julien Salomon ACA Consulting and BNP Paribas; ISFAActuarial School, University of Lyon and BNP Paribas; BNP Paribas PART IV: ADVANCED METHODOLOGIES 16 Choosing the Discount Factor for Estimating Economic LGD Iain Maclachlan Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd 17 Estimating "Distressed" LGD on Defaulted Exposures: A Portfolio Model Applied to Leasing Contracts Marie-Paule Laurent, Mathias Schmit Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Solvay Business School 18 Estimation of Recovery Rate Densities: Non-parametric and Semi-parametric Approaches versus Industry Practice Matthias Hagmann; Olivier Renault; Olivier Scaillet HEC Lausanne and FAME; CitiGroup Global Markets Ltd; HEC Geneve and FAME 19 Estimating Conditional Probability Distributions of Recovery Rates: A Utility-Based Approach Craig Friedman; Sven Sandow Standard and Poor's; NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences English and Chinese on facing pages. The basics --
Diagnosis --
Treatment --
Intravesical therapy --
Surgery --
Nonoperative therapy --
Metastatic disease --
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