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ISBNISSN: ISBN-1-85302-957-2
Notes: 351
Responsibility: The Child's World: Assessing Children in Need.
Target audience: Practitioners

Title from contents page. Re:programming / by Amanda Reeser Lawrence and Ashley Schafer --
2 architects, 10 questions on program / Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi --
Dream houses / architects: Studio (n-1) --
Tulane University Center / architects: VJAA --
Tempering program / by Vincent James and Jennifer Yoos --
Programming aspiration: the Knowlton School of Architecture / architects: Mack Scogin, Merrill Elam --
Program is as program does / by Penelope Dean --
Elemental program: rethinking low-cost housing in Chile / architect: Taller de Chile --
De-programming: the Dead Malls competition / architects: Interboro, Stoner Meek, Meyer Rosenberg, Central Office of Architecture, Pierre de Angelis, and Carmen Suero --
Program shift: New Orleans --
Programming scenarios: architect: R & Sie ... / by J. Meejin Yoon --
Programming after program: Archizoom's No Stop City / by Kazys Varnelis --
San Jose Museum of Art / architects: WW : Darwinian regulating lines: tethers, eddies & reverberations / by Ron Witte --
Notes on the adaptive reuse of program / by John McMorrough --
Program primer / by WORKac --
Genealogy of program. "Praxis 8, 'Re:programming' reflects upon the complex, ambiguous and ultimately paradoxical set of ideas denoted by the term program. The elusive definition of program is not only because of its complex history but more importantly because of its continuous redefinition in contemporary architectural practice. A broader shift in the term program, with the emergence of computer culture, has empowered architects to see what was traditionally considered a given, as something that can be reprogrammed at will."--Website,, viewed 3/28/07. Klondike novitiate --
Han country --
Subarctic skid row --
Crows and sea gulls --
Trail of the Chipewyan --
With reserve --
Bush apprenticeship --
Forests aflame. Includes index. Color basics --
Paint & tools --
Interior painting --
Exterior painting --
Special projects --
Cleanup & storage. This publication provides an educational tool for student affairs professionals involved in fundraising. It is designed to be easily accessible and understood by those with little experience with fundraising, and it will also serve as a useful resource for student affairs professionals who have partnered with fundraisers to, or who themselves have, raised dollars for dreams. It includes the following chapters: (1) "The Right Person"; (2) "The Student Affairs Development Function: Making the Case for the Focused Effort"; (3) "Types of Fundraising"; (4) "Markets and Partners for Student Affairs"; (5) "The Power of Corporate and Foundation Giving" (6) "Prospect Research and Identification"; (7) "Cultivation"; (8) "Solicitation"; (9) "Stewardship"; and (10) "The Ethics of Development." True experiences in fundraising are given throughout the book. (Contains 14 appendixes.) (JDM) "A supplement to The letters of Dorothy L. Sayers. Volume five." DVD accompanied by text.
Single layer. DVD-5. 1. San Francisco's burning : a ballad opera by Helen and Pat Adam --
2. Collages by Helen Adam --
3. "In Harpy Land" --
4. Poetry in motion : an excerpt from Ron Mann's 1982 documentary --
5. Daydream of darkness : a film by Helen Adam and William McNeill --
6. Helen Adam singing ; a selection of ballads. 1. Towards an African Model of Peace Operations - Cedric de Coning, Linnea Gelot and John Karlsrud2. Confronting Hybrid Threats in Africa: Improving Multidimensional Responses - Kwesi Aning and Mustapha Abdallah3. Stabilization Missions and Mandates in African Peace Operations: Implications for the ASF? - Solomon A. Dersso4. The Relationship between the AU and the RECs/RMs in Relation to Peace and Security in Africa: Subsidiarity and Inevitable Common Destiny - Michelle Ndiaye5. The Strategic Relationship between the African Union and Its Partners - Linda Darkwa6. Mission Support for African Peace Operations - Walter Lotze7. United in Challenges? The African Standby Force and the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises - Jide Martyns Okeke8. What Roles for the Civilian and Police Dimensions in African Peace Operations? - Yvonne Akpasom9. Adapting the African Standby Force to a Just-in-Time Readiness Model: Improved Alignment with the Emerging African Model of Peace Operations - Cedric de Coning10. African Peace Operations: Trends and Future Scenarios, Conclusions and Recommendations - Cedric de Coning, Linnea Gelot and John Karlsrud