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Download book Abstract resistance by Yasmil Raymond; Walker Art Center IBOOKS, DJV, PRC, DJVU, EPUB

Author: Yasmil Raymond; Walker Art Center
Publisher: Minneapolis, Minn. : Walker Art Center, 2010.
ISBNISSN: 9780935640953, 0935640959
Genre: Ausstellung
Notes: 96 Seiten : Illustrationen
Responsibility: Abstract resistance
Other titles: This Walker Postscript title is published on the occasion of the exhibition : abstract resistance ; organized by the Walker Art Center, and curated by Yasmil Raymond
Abstract resistance : Francis Bacon, Lynda Benglis, Anthony Caro, Sarah Charlesworth, Bruce Conner, Willem De Kooning, Lucio Fontana, Hollis Frampton, Philip Guston, Rachel Harrison, Thomas Hirschhorn, Ellsworth Kelly, paul Mccarthy, Robert Motherwell, Bruce Nauman, Cady Noland, Charles Ray, Gedi Sibony, Kara Walker, Andro Wekua, Cathy Wilkes
Edition: Print book : English : 1. ed
Black box / Janet Barron ; illus. by Barry Cote --
A familiar solution / Marquerite Devers Green ; illus. by Dwayne Harris --
The plague / A.C. Bray ; illus. by Lee White --
Boos and taboos / L. Ron Hubbard --
El presidente Munsie / Tony Daley ; illus. by Lee White --
Time out of mind / Everett S. Jacobs ; illus. by Andy B. Clarkson --
Brother Jubal in the womb of silence / Tim Myers ; illus. by Carlo Arellano --
The sharp end / Kelly David McCullough ; illus. by Dwayne Harris --
The writers life and uniqueness / Roger Zelazny --
Lucretia's nose / Philip Lees ; illus. by Amanda Anderson Gannon --
Dreams and bones / Eric M. Yankov ; illus. by Yanko Yankov --
Marketplace of souls / David Lowe ; illus. by Ane M. Galego --
Interrupt vector / Robert B. Schofield ; illus. by Andy B. Clarkson --
Getting "Lucky" / Sergey Poyarkov --
Ten gallons a whore / Anna D. Allen ; illus. by Dwayne Harris --
Magpie / Meredith Simmons ; illus. by Amanda Anderson Gannon --
God loves the infantry / Greg Siewert ; illus. by Andy Justiniano --
Hello and goodbye / Michele Letica ; illus. by Amanda Anderson Gannon --
T.E.A. and koumiss / Steven C. Raine ; illus. by Andy B. Clarkson --
An idiot rode to Majra / J. Simmon ; illus. by Dwayne Harris --
Life eternal / Bob Johnston ; illus. by Dwayne Harris --
The year in the contests / Algis Budrys. Clingman's Dome --
A cure? --
What must one do? --
The incident --
Lean wolf hours --
A yeoman's journey --
Colorado schooling --
Yakutat --
Cape Chiniak --
Reunion --
Edwin's discharge --
At sea --
The book basement years --
Last years --
Afterward: after Edwin. Includes tables and index. Cover title. Notes à la fin des chap. På omslaget: England, charming bed and breakfast Publié aussi en anglais sous le titre: No higher purpose.
Comprend des index. V.2 ptie 1. Rien de plus noble --
v. 2 ptie 2. Parmi les puissances navales. Includes index. Ch. 1. Industry Background. Definitions. Primary Markets. Market Segments. Transition Products. Gourmet Store Concerns --
Ch. 2. Getting Ready to Market. Developing the Product. Producing the Product. Packaging the Product. Labeling the Product. Pricing the Product. Understanding Terms. Warehousing and Shipping the Product --
Ch. 3. Taking Your Product to Market. Preparing Sales Literature. Selecting Point-of-Purchase Materials. Promoting the Product. Advertising the Product. Finding Buyers. Establishing Distribution Channels. Arranging the Deals. Appointing Brokers. Locating Distributors. Making the Sale --
Ch. 4. Processing Orders and Office Management --
Ch. 5. Summary --
App. A: Trade Shows --
App. B: Trade Journals --
App. C: Co-Packers --
App. D: Broker Information --
App. E: Distribution Information --
App. F: Foods by Mail --
App. G: Catalog Preparation --
App. H: Government Sources --
App. I: Marketing and Food Market Research --
App. J: Packaging Design --
App. K: Packaging Materials --
App. L: Business Lists --
App. M: Uniform Product Code --
App. N: Women in the Food Industry --
App. O: Sample Forms --
App. P: Sample Broker Appointment Letter --
App. Q: Specialty Food Market Profiles. January: Horace the horrible / Arlean Hale Lambert --
Different kind of New Year's celebration-Hogmanay / Norma McKissick Livo --
Caterpillar's blues / Linda Goss, Gretchen Shannon --
February: Great Groundhog-Day get together / Larry Johnson, Elaine Wynne --
Oni wa soto / Cathy Spagnoli --
White wave / Diane Wolkstein --
Little loyalist / Teresa Miller --
March: Saint Patrick and the musical leprechaun / Gail N. Herman --
April: Legend of songkran, the Thai New Year / Margaret Read MacDonald, Supaporn Vathanaprida --
Blessing in Disguise / Peninnah Schram --
Earth dreamers / Regina Ress --
Why the evergreens keep their leaves in the winter / Ruth Stotter --
May: Garden rainbow / Linda Marchisio --
Kelly's Memorial Day parade / V.J. Richey --
Buddha's birthday in Thailand / Wajuppa Tossa --
June: Freedom flag / Gay Merrill Gross. July: Fourth of July holiday / Andrea Bielecki, Teresa Miller, Patriotic Storytellers --
September: Charity / Cathy Spagnoli --
El grito de Dolores Cry of the city of Dolores / Norma E. Cantu --
Constitution jive / Linda Marchisio --
Boy who called the king a fool / Ruthilde Kronberg --
October: Magic paint box / Gerald Fierst --
Halloween pumpkin / Stephanie Mita --
November: Gluskonba and the maple trees / Joseph Bruchac --
Eleven bells / Larry Johnson --
Rabbit, bobcat, and the wild turkeys / Fran Stallings --
Reisele's Hanukkah dream / Ruthilde Kronberg --
December: Silent night, 1914 or "the peace message for Christmas" / Charles David Kleymeyer --
How the squirrel got its stripes / Laura Simms --
Feasts-a-plenty / Kathy Culmer. "Nick and Kanae tell how they improbably found each other, fell in love, and then fought to overcome skepticism from others about their relationship [owing to Nick having been born without arms or legs]. Filled with ... insights that will benefit any couple, this ... book describes a godly courtship and the early years of the Vujicics' marriage and parenting journey"