Devlin Waugh. [1], Swimming in blood Read book RTF, DJV, DJVU

Author: John Smith; Siku; Sean Phillips; Michael Gaydos
Publisher: Oxford : Rebellion, 2004.
ISBNISSN: 1904265170, 9781904265177
Genre: Comic books, strips, etc
Notes: 220 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Responsibility: Devlin Waugh. [1], Swimming in blood
Other titles: Swimming in blood
Edition: Print book : Fiction : English
"2000 AD."
"Originally serialized in Judge Dredd: the megazine 2.01-2.09, 2.26, 3.26-3.30, 3.72-3.73, 201, Judge Dredd mega-special 1993 and Judge Dredd yearbook 1994."
"Devlin Waugh created by John Smith and Sean Phillips. Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra."

CD-ROM enth. Proceedings des Kongresses
Kongr.-Thema: Towards a sustainable future. - Vers des développements durables The author uses his life experiences to illustrate his perspectives and insights into living a spiritual and mindful, and not religious, life-- I. Clinical Use of Attachment Research Assessments1. Constructing a Relationship Formulation for Mother and Child: Clinical Application of the Working Model of the Child Interview, Charles H. Zeanah2. Keeping the Inner World of the Child in Mind: Using the Insightfulness Assessment with Mothers in a Therapeutic Preschool, Nina Koren-Karie, David Oppenheim, and Douglas F. Goldsmith3. Intervening with Maltreated Children and Their Adoptive Families: Identifying Attachment-Facilitative Behavior, Miriam Steele, Jill Hodges, Jeanne Kaniuk, Howard Steele, Debra D'Agostino, Inga Blom, Saul Hillman, and Kay Henderson4. The Role of Caregiver Commitment in Foster Care: Insights from the This Is My Baby Interview, Mary Dozier, Damion Grasso, Oliver Lindhiem, and Erin Lewis5. Parental Resolution of the Child's Diagnosis and the Parent-Child Relationship: Insights from the Reaction to Diagnosis Interview, David Oppenheim, Smadar Dolev, Nina Koren-Karie, Efrat Sher-Censor, Nurit Yirmiya, and Shahaf SalomonII. Attachment Theory and Psychotherapy6. Attachment and Trauma: An Integrated Approach to Treating Young Children Exposed to Family Violence, Amy L. Busch and Alicia F. Lieberman7. The Circle of Security Project: A Case Study-"It Hurts to Give That Which You Did Not Receive," Bert Powell, Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Robert Marvin8. Challenging Children's Negative Internal Working Models: Utilizing Attachment-Based Treatment Strategies in a Therapeutic Preschool, Douglas F. Goldsmith9. Disorganized Mother, Disorganized Child: The Mentalization of Affective Dysregulation and Therapeutic Change, Arietta Slade "A Crime Club selection"--Cover.
Originally published: Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, Doran,1934. Paperback. Relief shown by spot heights.
Panel title.
"S state"--Panel.
Includes index, distance chart, indexed directory of information centers, telephone hotline for road conditions, and list of radio stations.
Descriptive text on points of interest, indexed charts of state parks, national parks and recreation areas, and airports, and text on verso.
Local route maps on verso: Flagstaff -- Phoenix & vicinity -- Downtown Phoeniz -- Prescott -- Lake Havasu City -- Tucson -- Downtown Tucson -- Grand Canyon National Park -- Yuma -- Petrified Forest N.P.
"059516-4." The occult sciences --
Astrology --
Palmistry --
Thaumaturgic art --
Hypnotism and mesmerism --
Divination --
The Tarot --
Cartomancy --
Crystal gazing --
Visions --
Geomancy --
Casting --
Psychometry --
Dreams --
Alchemy. Originally published: Philadelphia [Pa.] : D. McKay, [1920?]. Trabajos realizados en el Instituto de Investigaciones Juridicas y Sociales Ambrosio L. Gioja.
Autores: Tulio Ortiz, María Laura Pardo, Verónica Lescano Galardi, Eduardo Barbarosch, Andrés Fink, Marcela Ruiz, Guadalupe Álvarez, Mariana Landau. Student book / Alison Burch, Shubha Koshy, Lorna Pepper and [2 others] --
Workbook / Mike Gould, Jane Gould, Lorna Pepper and [1 other] --
Teacher guide / Alison Burch, Shubha Koshy, Lorna Pepper and [1 other]. Cover title.
Includes index. Sofia wants to make her grandma's birthday extra special. With the help of her cousins, she has the perfect plan. But an uninvited helper might ruin the entire surprise. Phrasebook by Marta López. Copyright 1983 "Hildegarde Withers, the angular schoolteacher with a talent for solving homicides, thought she was off on a vacation when she set sail for England aboard the S.S. American Diplomat. But she's no sooner found her sea legs than her fellow passengers start getting murdered, and the killings continue after the ship has docked in London ..."--Page 4 of cover. "Fishing for Stars is a story of ambition, destruction, love, tears, laughter and hope. At its heart are two passionate, unforgettable and very different women. One is exotic, damaged, and shrewd; the other beautiful, determined and zealous. Both are bitter rivals for the love of the same man. Nick Duncan is an ingenuous male with a great deal more female on his hands than he can possibly hope to understand. The contest he is called upon to referee is the clash between the two great loves of his life: the seductive Anna Til, and the older, equally fascinating Marg Hamilton. Nick struggles between their worlds: one exploiting the world's riches for profit, the other fighting to save the environment and its creatures, large and small. Set in Australia, the Pacific islands, Japan and Indonesia during the latter half of the twentieth century."--Author's website. Originally published: 2004.
Text in Persian character script.
Transliteration supplied by library staff.
"This book is TalkingPEN enabled"--Cover. Sofia is making a family time capsule, filled with pictures and mementos from their lives, to be opened in fifteen years, and Abuela contributes letters to each of her grandchildren--but Sofia is so consumed with curiosity that she decides to sneak a peak at what her letter says. "Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations"--back cover.
"Supports the full syllabus for examination from 2019"--back cover. Originally published: 2007. Cover title. Country-by-country guide to bankruptcies, insolvencies and restructurings --
Special issues in international bankruptcies, insolvencies and restructurings. "A memoir"--Cover. Translation of title supplied by publisher: Liturgy 1975, Holy Eucharist, Morning and evening prayer.